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Virtual Course: Climate Leadership: From Commitments to Action 

This course is developed within the framework of the initiative "Global Cooperation for Climate Action: Southern engagement with climate negotiations and commitments 2020-2023”, implemented by the following partners: Avina Foundation (project coordinator), United Nations University Vice-Rectorate in Europe (UNU-ViE), Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Ecuador headquarters) and funded by the IDRC of Canada.
Course objective:
Increase knowledge and capacities to improve climate action in countries of the Global South and their involvement with the ambition cycle of the Paris Agreement, with a focus on the 2020 – 2023 Global Stocktake.

Course schedule:
Course duration: 6 months and a certification of 240 academic hours.

  • Young professionals (age 18 to 40 years old), from Madagascar, Niger, Uganda and Zambia.
  • Highly motivated individual with at least 1 to 2 years professional/work experience in climate change management or other related topics.
  • Have a climate-themed concept to expound on and design a project for a “Transition to a resilient society with net-zero carbon emissions”.
  • High level of self-discipline in the management and scheduling of the required study time to allows you to achieve the learning objectives and outcomes within the course.
  • Ability to work independently and with a team.
  • Have access to reliable internet connection.
  • Fill out this from followed by sending a copy of your passport to: impulsouth@ehs.unu.edu

All information in this application form will be kept confidential and will be used only in the selection process. Once the evaluation and selection process has taken place, the applicants will be notified about their respective admission status.

The course will be FREE of charge for the selected candidates, and they will be notified of a grant assignment granted by IDRC of Canada.

Contact information:
Project website:  https://impulsouth.org/
Part A: Personal Information
Contact Information
What is your date of birth?
What is your nationality?
Country of residence:
Indicate any special needs or disability if any (optional)
Specify the relevant special need or disability
Part B: Education
Highest Level of Education
Area of specilization
If other, specify below
Exact title of the highest academic title obtained 
Issuing university or education institution
Part C: Work experience
Sector of work experience
Current organization of employment 
Organization's scope of work
Current job level
Specify name of the current position, include the department or unit (e.g., youth coordinator, Environment Secretariat)
Total duration of work experience
Part D: Experience in the area of climate change 
Linkage to the approach to climate change
If other, please expound
Level of professional experience or activities in climate chagneg
1.       What is your level of knowledge about climate change?
Of the following documents related to climate change, which ones are you conversant with or aware of: 
Your experience in climate change is mainly related to: 
If other, which one
Have you completed a training course on climate change? 
 If  yes, please indicate the title of the training course and the institution that accredited it
Part E: Concept or proposal for a climate action project or solution
All applicants must propose a climate project or solution aligned with their respective national government policies. In the following steps, briefly explain your proposal.
Are you working on a climate action, or identified a climate action that you would like to develop during the course? 

Some examples of actions include: Early warning systems, applications to collect climate data, training actions, raising financing to scale local climate solutions, preparation of climate plans and monitoring systems, micro-credit programmes for climate projects, concept for a consultancy in Climate Action etc.
If your response if ‘No’, would you be willing to direct your work to an action that is proposed by the course administration? 
Write the title of the climate project or climate solution that you will develop during the course (10-15 words) 
Write the general objective/purpose of the project that you will elaborate on during the course (maximum 100 words). If you still do not have a clearly identified proposal, mark "To be defined"
The main focus of the project that you will carry out during the course will be related to: *
Select all that apply.
If 'other' please state:
Part F: Personal documents - Institutional support
To complete you application, please send a letter of endorsement from your institution, organization or company to participate in the program (optional only if applied with a sponsorship). The letter should be sent to the email address impulsouth@ehs.unu.edu 

Please name the file as follows: Last_name_Support_letter_name (maximum file size: 1MB)
Once the application for is received, it will be analyzed and the result will be communicated. 

Thank you for your application.
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