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Student Surveys & Education Surveys

Free student surveys and education surveys with complete questions. These student survey templates and education survey templates are created with the help of professors and academicians from across the world. Did you also know that QuestionPro Academics has over 5000 universities, schools and colleges signed up, which means that some of the top academic institutions in US, Europe, India and over 40 other nations, now use questionpro student surveys for their regular student feedbacks. These survey templates include graduation surveys, student course evaluation, university exit interview questions and much more! Our education surveys are some of the world's most popular survey templates. Now you too can use them for free. You can pick a template and use it directly for a survey or create your own questionnaire and use these templates as survey examples and sample surveys. The fastest and easiest way to create your survey is to simply pick a template and start using it in QuestionPro.