Employee Exit Interview and Satisfaction Survey Template

Employee Exit Interview Template - Pre-Built templates available for customization and deployment within minutes.
By: Vivek Bhaskaran
CEO, QuestionPro

Employee exit interviews are used to gather information from separating personnel. The survey covers issues such as benefits, working conditions, opportunities for career advancement, the quality and quantity of the workload, and relationships with co-workers and supervisors. The justification for such data collections is that complete and more accurate data can be gathered from personnel as they leave.

The QuestionPro Employee Exit Interview template is divided into three broad sections: -

  • Introduction and Informational Multiple Choice Questions
    1. Reasons for Joining
    2. Department / Business Unit
    3. Reasons for leaving
  • A series of "Agreement" questions on the following topics: -
    1. The Job Itself
    2. The Supervisor
    3. The Department
    4. Management
    5. Compensation and Benefits
  • Conclusion and verbatim comments

Section 1

The introduction and initial multiple choice questions give you a quick pulse check on why employees join your company in the first place and why are they leaving. These sets of questions can help you answer questions like: -

  1. What are the top three reasons employees are leaving the company
  2. What is the most important reason people choose to work in the company
  3. How do the reasons vary with the various departments within the organization? For example, do employees in the IT Department leave because of "Pay" more than other departments?

Section 2

The next series of agreement/disagreement sections allow the employee to rate the different attributes like the Job, The Management etc. on a 5pt scale.

The items in the scale can be customized for each organization so that they are more relevant. These sets of questions can give you "relative" problem areas. The template is also setup so that if an employee ranks a particular item low (Disagree or Strongly Disagree) he is automatically presented with an open-ended text question. This allows respondents to express themselves in a verbatim manner for HR personnel to learn more about the "Problem Areas" and what can be done to address them.

For example, if the employee does not agree with the statement "Work load was reasonable" he is allowed to expand upon his thoughts and give details as to why the situation is bad and what can be done about it.

Section 3

In the last section, an additional question for verbatim comments is included, to capture data that might not have been covered in the above sections. This should be monitored for "Gaps" in the survey itself. If a large percentage of people have comments about a particular issue, it should be added to the qualitative sections above. This allows for capturing that data qualitatively and having analytical metrics that can be measured.

For example, if a large percentage of people have comments or issues with working excessive hours, it usually makes sense to add that as an item in the "The Job" section of the interview.

The QuestionPro Employee Exit Interview template is a good starting point for most organizations to expand upon. For smaller organizations and if you are under time constraints, the template can be used without much customization. There are pre-built template variables that can customize the template with: -

  1. Your Organization's Name
  2. The HR Contact Name (If respondents have questions)
  3. The HR Contact Phone Number

The template is intended to provide you with a basic interview structure so that you can get up and running easily and fast. The template can be fully customized - you can add new sections, delete sections, change the verbiage etc.

Working Exit Interview Sample:

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